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Twenty-five years ago, if you had decided to travel to Berlin, you would have been visiting a city split in half by a massive stone wall, a city culturally torn and battered from decades of communist separation; in fact, you most likely would have been visiting only one half of a city - West Berlin, as few made it beyond Checkpoint Charlie and behind the Iron Curtain into East Berlin and the German Democratic Republic.

Today, Berlin has gotten a new lease on life. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and subsequent reunification of Germany, Berlin resumed its post as the country’s capital, and the city has forged ahead into the new millennium with gusto. Today, it is one of the most artistic, forward-thinking cities in all of Europe. Any visitor that travels to Berlin will discover the city’s unique artistic mind, its vibrant youth culture, its laid back hippies juxtaposed against an efficient and sprawling public transportation system, and a wonderful collection of museums.

Because of its sordid history and massive amounts of sprawl, Berlin is really a city of neighborhoods. Each district of Berlin (and there are lots!) has its own identity and atmosphere. For example, Mitte, which once formed the crux of East Berlin, is now the city’s burgeoning cultural center filled with hotels, museums, restaurants and nightlife. City West, meanwhile, used to be the central district of West Berlin and is now the city’s main shopping district and home to several notable palaces.

Those that want to delve a little deeper into Berlin’s history will have no trouble. Museums and monuments dedicated to the city’s turbulent 20th century are dotted around the city, and a visit to Checkpoint Charlie, to see the place where East literally met West, is compulsory on any Berlin travel itinerary. Going a bit further back in time, Berlin has a unique mix of architectural styles, owing largely to the fact that it was heavily bombed during World War II and saw a lot of reconstruction over the succeeding decades. So, for instance, you could check out the medieval architecture around Alexanderplatz in the morning and then visit the modern glass high rise buildings that surround Potzdamer Platz in the afternoon.

History aside, Berlin is a great city to just hang out in. It has hordes of little cafes, bars and coffeeshops where intellectual sling ideas around freely and artists mull over their creations. And Berlin is a place to see where Europe is headed, with its modern design and progressive civic planning.

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